Solar Battery Manufacturing Company

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DB DIXON BATTERY PVT LTD established as a small scale industry scale with state of Art plant for manufacturing of all types of Lead Acid Storage Batteries under the brand name of "DB DIXON"

DB Dixon batteries are fastest growing in automotive & stationary lead acid batteries. The combination of advance technology, quality management market research and customer service has made DB DIXON batteries established its brand name in the industry.

Business Focus With
Changing Environment

  • Initial Focus is on Import substitution
  • Appropriate engineering for meeting low volume production
  • Multi product flexibility to meet seasonal changes in demand
  • Adding new engineering products relating
    to the customer base already established


To organize India’s Engineering talent into a globally competitive business, whether in manufacturing or in services.

Our choice is for Businesses with Technological challenges and / or Engineering intensity.

Solar Battery Manufacturing Company

Our Values

  • Fairness to all
  • Innovative Spirit
  • Development of Individuals
  • Harmonious Coexistence

Our Strategy

  • Focus on Technology Intensive Products
  • Expansion through Strategic Alliances
  • Adding new engineering products relating to the customer base already established

Why Choose Us

Highest Quality Products

Recognition of our pursuit of quality was achieved when we were awarded the ISO 9001.Our Automotive Division is certified as R and TM.


The Company is fully equipped with latest equipments for quality control with wet analysis lab and electrical lab which assures quality in each & every process standing from testing of raw materials to the finished product.

The equipments which company possesses:

  • HRD Tester
  • Separator testing equipments.
  • Cold Chamber
  • Multi-channel life cycle tester
  • Battery line tester
  • Optical emission spectrophotometer
  • Container testing
  • Automatic absorption
  • Spectrophotometer

"Ship fresh inventory within 24 hours from the nearest point to our customer while providing worry-free spent battery disposal." This is the DB DIXON Battery service axiom. Consequently, we ship our products to more than 30 locations with additional facilities and distributors worldwide. Concerning recycling, DB DIXON Battery can assist with proper spent battery disposal through legally approved smelters. That is critical for you because hazardous waste disposal laws place heavy penalties on offenders. In summary, DB DIXON Battery understands the needs of our various markets and delivers quality products whenever and wherever they are needed.
A leader in packaged power technology, DB Dixon Battery Private Limited today is one of the largest storage battery company with widest range of both conventional flooded as well as latest VRLA batteries. Apart from serving the domestic market the company exports batteries which have captured niches in South East Asia and Bangladesh.
DB DIXON Battery is growing rapidly because we specialize in providing only the highest quality products to emerging sealed battery markets. Moreover, because of our narrow focus on sealed batteries and these niche applications, we can offer you expertise in these areas that very few of our competitors will match. Finally, you can expect our total commitment to keep you safely at the forefront of high-quality battery technology with the most responsive service.