5 Common Troubles Your Inverter Might Face

An inverter is an unavoidable companion for Indian households and offices. Demand for electricity is high and power cuts are many. For changing seasons as well as for daily living, a ceaseless power supply has become a necessity. From education to work, things have moved indoors due to the prolonged lockdowns one after another. Thus, you cannot afford to be without power.

A battery is the most important part for an inverter to function smoothly and powerfully and without breakdown. You can face different troubles when it comes to bad batteries. Therefore, it is crucial to understand common problems and learn to avoid them. This blog post will help in this regard by addressing a few common inverter battery-related troubles:

1. Shortening backup period

Shorter backup time is a sign which could indicate diminishing lifeline of your inverter battery either because it reached the maximum durability or it was not from a reputed inverter battery manufacturer. Indian summers and monsoons are known for frequent power cuts. Shorter backup time by the inverter in such power cuts could cause real trouble.

2. Inefficient backup capacity

Most of us calculate our home’s power requirement before buying an inverter battery. If the backup is still inefficient to meet the required power need of your electrical appliances, there could be misinformation printed on the battery regarding power. If this problem arises after long use, then it could be due to low electrolyte levels or insufficient charge. Frequent power cuts and insufficient voltage too can lead to such trouble. Decreasing the load and timely distilled water top-up can solve these problems unless your battery is from an ordinary inverter battery manufacturer and the charging time of the battery is high.

3. Rusting in the battery terminals

Humidity, as well as lack of cleanliness, can lead to corrosion in the battery terminals. Corrosion can also result from the bad design of the battery. It is a common problem during summers. However, it is possible to avoid rusting if you buy a battery with an innovative design from a reputed inverter battery manufacturer.

4. Fails to charge

A melted fuse, loose connections, or a dead battery could cause failure to charge. Fuse and connections can be fixed. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you need to replace your inverter battery.

5. Refuses to switch on

The reasons behind failure to switch on an inverter could be a weak battery, lack of charge, or connection problems. Changes in voltage could lead to shock as well leading to such failure. A strong battery capable to withstand voltage changes and shockproof is your solution in such cases.  

There could be plenty of problems related to the inverter batteries. But most of the problems arise from bad design and week built of the inverter battery. Therefore it is of utmost importance to choose the right battery for your inverter. Tubular batteries manufactured by leading inverter battery manufacturer DB Dixon are equipped with the appropriate technology to provide longer backup for fast-growing Indian cities and avoid problems related to charging, load or shock. DB Dixon tubular inverter batteries are also designed innovatively to keep rust, leakage, and shock away. Know more: https://dbdixonbattery.com/

Few basic information you need to know before replacing or buying a two-wheeler battery

People like to choose the shortest way to reach their destination. Well, in a country like India that is full of traffic and bad road conditions, reaching a destination on time could be quite a tough task. Two-wheelers are one’s best option to get through such roads and save time and effort. Moreover, the commute is easier with a smaller vehicle. There are good enough reasons for that, such as less expense on fuel, saving on toll tax, and ease in parking, etc. A well-maintained robust two-wheeler is the soul of our roads. It can accompany you for your daily needs and also fill your heart with sometimes romantic and sometimes adventurous rides. 

But people often forget about the actual power source behind a robust two-wheeler, the battery. The battery is the critical part that we need to choose properly for smooth everyday functioning for a longer duration. In this blog, we will discuss a few important pieces of information that we should know before the replacement or purchase of your two-wheeler battery.

Let’s ensure that your chosen battery is the right one!

Performance: The performance of your battery is measured by capacity, voltage, and resistance. If the battery has high storage of charge, efficient voltage, and resistance that impedes the flow of electric current, then we can ensure that the performance of your chosen battery is good enough.

Design for low maintenance:  The battery and your two-wheeler should match each other perfectly. If your battery requires maintenance after 9-12 months i.e., only once per year, then you can stay assured that the design of your battery is innovative and needs low maintenance. The structure and design should be able to offer a long life for the battery.

Warranty:  If your battery comes with a maximum warranty that proves that your chosen bike battery manufacturer is a reputed one. It should be ensured that the time period of the battery written on the label should last so that they take responsibility for replacement in case such a need comes.

Safety: The climate, as well as the weather of India, varies with time and place. The design and the manufacture of the battery should provide resistance from rust, heat, and leakage. It should provide high safety and be specially manufactured with flame arresters at venting locations. 

Price: Buying a good battery for your two-wheeler is quite an achievement. But it should come at an affordable and reasonable price for you. That’s why you should take a short review before owning a battery so that no one cheats on you. 

Now the decision is yours. Many brands are selling bike batteries with good quality and high performance in the market. But the recent trend shows that the brand DB Dixon is leading in the field of bike battery manufacturers. These batteries are gaining popularity for reliability, durability, and low maintenance needs. They are designed with the latest techniques of improved grid designs and separators to give you a unique experience. DB Dixon bike batteries are made to challenge every road condition and extreme weather condition. Find out more: https://dbdixonbattery.com/bike-batteries.